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Choosing the right equity release product can impact not only you and your future, but the future of your loved ones as well. You likely have plans for the money you hope to receive. You can do anything you want with your cash, as it comes with no restrictions. Perhaps you want to help a family member with a large purchase. Maybe one of your children is in the market to purchase a home or your grandchild needs help buying their first car. Maybe you just want to make a large purchase yourself, such as a nice long holiday or a new vehicle. No matter your reasons for wanting or needed an equity release product, you want to make sure you keep certain considerations in mind when picking your plan.

If you plan to leave an inheritance behind to your family members, you may want to make sure you are able to safeguard at least part of your property. There are other considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right plan as well. Perhaps you are most concerned with any impact to your means-tested benefits. Maybe you just are not keen on allowing interest to roll-up and you’d prefer to have some control over your overall loan balance. Whatever your reasoning, it is crucial to be sure you choose the right product for you and your individual needs.

That is where we can step in to help you. We have a nationwide team of equity release advisers that can provide you with free specialist advice as you choose your plan. We are also happy to communicate with you through your preferred method of communication. We are available to speak with you in-person, over the phone, through email, or even via our live chat option. All of our advisers are FCA regulated and members of the equity release council.

The fact that our advisers are so qualified is particularly important. The decision on which equity release scheme to choose is an incredibly important decision. Plans change frequently, including the features available. You want to make sure you are trusting an adviser that is on top of all of the options available to you, ensuring that you choose the best plan for your individual needs.

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