30 April 2014
Equity Release
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Dual Pricing Costs More in the Quest for the Best Aviva Lifetime Mortgage

Aviva equity releaseWhen it comes to getting the best possible deals from Aviva, the biggest brand name in the equity release industry, you don’t want to think that you are being bundled into a standard package. Everybody’s situation is different. Your properly it your own. You’ve spent your life developing and making it just as unique as you are. You don’t want to have to put up with a scheme that is tailored to somebody else’s needs. You shouldn’t just accept the first offer you come across. An independent advisor could arrange the best deal suited to your needs and your property.

Flexible Pricing

The best independent equity release firms, such as ERSupermarket, are able to take a far more flexible approach to getting you the best deal from Aviva. While Aviva’s direct sales team will be encouraged to sell you standard deals that help them cover their own costs, an independent company such as ERSupermarket can use the Aviva Flex Pricing Tool to make sure that you are always provided with the best deal for you.

Everybody has a different situation. Factors such as your age, health, size and condition of your property, and the amount you want to release are all part of the overall picture. You are an individual. Take a look at the house next door. Is it the same as yours? It might have been once, on the day they were built, but now that house is more than that. It is your home. You’ve spent years making it what it is. Your property is as much a part of you as your neighbour’s is a part of them.

Independent advisors such as ERSupermarket recognise that, and know that the best deals can only be achieved by taking this into account. Taking your personal criteria and using Aviva’s Flex Pricing Tool they can ensure that you always get the best deal for what you need.

Getting the rate that suits you

Even though you might want to take advantage of the great deals offered through Aviva, sometimes there are different rates available for different people. ERSupermarket can make sure that you get the one that best suits you. So if you want to take advantage of deals such as the Aviva Flexible Lifetime Mortgage Plan, going through Equity Release Supermarket will definitely be your best option.

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